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Welcome to Sutherland Elementary School!  This Parent & Student Handbook was designed to provide helpful information about the school for both parents and students.  It is our intention that by providing this information, parents and school staff can work together to ensure a rewarding educational experience for each child.

We set high expectations for each student in order to effectively foster an attitude of life-long learning within each student.  These high expectations set both at school and at home, are most important for a child’s success.  We also recognize that each child is an individual with individual abilities and needs.  It is the goal of the faculty and staff of Sutherland School to help each student appreciate his/her contributions and uniqueness while attaining high educational goals.

It is our belief that we best serve our students through working as a team.  By working together, we can achieve this important goal for all students.  I look forward to working alongside staff, parents and students in this endeavor.

Please read this handbook very carefully, and then review it with your child(ren).  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to talk with your child’s teacher or call the school office.  For additional information please check out our website at

Thank you,

Sheri Cole



Sutherland is committed to creating and developing a caring community of learners.  Through a partnership among students, parents, staff and community, we strive to provide a positive learning environment that motivates all students to demonstrate academic and social growth.  Using standards-based curriculum of common core standards with a variety of instruction strategies, our staff is dedicated to ensuring that each student is held to high expectations and reaches their full potential.


Create a collaborative environment enabling the Sutherland community to design a comprehensive approach of developing the whole child by providing a rich educational experience for all students who will achieve and develop as a   life-long learner.  Our students will develop their critical thinking skills as well as foster their creativity.  In addition, they will develop an appreciation for literature, music and the arts.  Likewise, our students will learn the civic skills necessary to become responsible citizens. 


The significance of regular attendance cannot be over emphasized.  Consistent attendance affects both the individual’s progress at school as well as our school funding, which is based on daily attendance figures.  Schools will continue to require notes, phone calls or e-mails identifying the reason for every absence.  If you find it necessary to keep your child out of school for reasons other than an illness, we encourage you to send your child to school for at least a part of the day so that your child will not be counted absent and also will not miss out on important school assignments.

Students who vomit or have a fever may not return to school for 24 hours and must be vomit and fever free (without the aid of medication) upon their return to school.  Students who are sent home ill due to vomit or fever must not attend school the following day. 

Students who continue to have difficulty maintaining good attendance will be sent attendance letters regularly and may be put on an attendance contract.  Those with chronic truancy or who fail to meet the requirements of the attendance contract will be required to attend a SART (School Attendance and Review Team) meeting with district office personnel and eventually a SARB (School Attendance and Review Board) meeting with a representative from the district attorney’s office. 

If your child will be absent from school please do one of the following:

  1. call the school office at (626) 852-4614 before 9:30 a.m. that day
  2. send a note when your child returns to school  providing the reason for the absence
  3. e-mail providing the reason for the absence.

If no call or note is received, the school will attempt to contact you.  This procedure assures the child is safe and it streamlines the bookkeeping process at school. If contact is not made, the absence will be marked as “unexcused”.

Consult our school calendar and website for minimum days and school holidays.  Remember, there is no good day to miss school.


It is important for students to arrive at school on time every day. Playground supervision begins at 8:00 a.m.  School starts at 8:15 a.m.  Students arriving after 8:15 a.m. must report to the office.  The number of tardies per trimester will be recorded on the child’s report card.  Three unexcused tardies of more than thirty minutes will result in truancy.  The principal will contact the parents of students with excessive tardies. Good faith attempts to improve attendance will be made by administration in partnership with the student and parent.  Upper grade students (4th and 5th grade) who have a chronic tardy issue will serve recess detention(s) for tardies.  Parents will be notified of this practice should it become necessary.  


In order to provide a productive and safe learning experience at Sutherland, we strive to create a climate in which optimal learning will occur.  This means we must all learn to appreciate and respect each other as well as follow certain rules. 

At Sutherland School we believe students should be held accountable for their own actions.  Parents and school staff play important roles in helping children develop responsibility.  Consequences for inappropriate behavior are necessary in any group if the goals of the group are to be realized.  Orderly conduct is both a necessary condition and an important goal of learning.  We encourage children to “stop and think” before they act.  While we are here to assist and encourage at all times, we want children to resolve their differences in a responsible, considerate manner.

Since all individuals are unique, no one procedure, method or response to a given situation is appropriate in every case.  In helping a child develop individual responsibility, the school has established rules and guidelines for students to follow.


  1.  Be Safe
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Responsible



  1. Follow directions of school staff.
  2. Playground play will be safe and considerate of others.
  3. Keep hands, feet and impolite comments to yourself.
  4. Eat all snacks in designated areas.
  5. Use equipment properly.  Use only your room’s equipment.
  6. For your safety, run only on playground grass unless participating in an approved blacktop game.
  7. Students MUST be visible to staff at all times (avoiding off limit areas).
  8. Correct restroom behavior is expected at all times.
  9. In case of injury, see a playground supervisor immediately.

10. When the first bell rings, walk to the restroom, get a drink of water.

11. When second bell rings, stand in line quietly and hold all play equipment.


  1. Students MUST wait outside of gates until the 8:00 a.m. bell.
  2. Keep all personal belongings with you until the 8:00 a.m. bell.
  3. At the end of the day report to one of the school exit gates for pick up.  If you walk home alone or with a group meet them at a designated area at one of the school exits (front of school or at the pedestrian gate at the north side of campus)
  4. On rainy days please report to the cafeteria before school.
  5. There is no playing on the playground after school or hanging out on campus unless you have specific pre-approved business/appointment/ tutoring, etc.


  1. Students in all grades must be accompanied by a “buddy” when using the restroom during class time.
  2. Keep all food and play equipment out of the restroom.
  3. Toilet paper in toilets only, not in urinals
  4. Flush toilets after each use
  5. Wash hands before leaving restroom
  6. Dispose of paper towels and other trash in waste basket only



  1. Walk at all times
  2. Remain in your assigned seat
  3.  Use good manners
  4. Raise your hand if you need a supervisor and wait to be dismissed
  5. Clean up all your trash and belongings
  6. Use indoor voices and do not shout
  7. Keep your hands, feet and food to yourself
  8. Leave all playground equipment outside
  1. All food items must be eaten in the cafeteria



  1. Enter and exit quietly and stay in line
  2. Follow directions
  3. Sit quietly and appropriately
  4. Keep your hands and feet to yourself
  5. Leave all items in classroom
  6. Be polite and pay attention to the speaker
  7. Never leave an assembly without permission
  8. Look at your teacher for dismissal


Appropriate behavior will be recognized in the following ways:

  1. Verbal praise
  2. Special principal recognition
  3. Monthly “Student of the Month”
  4. S.T.A.R. Award Program
  5. Classroom recognition
  6. Student of the month raffles
  7. Caught Being Good Tickets



Consequences for inappropriate behavior:

Violation of any school standard or rule will result in one or more of the following consequences:

  1. Poor conduct on the playground will result in immediate “benching” or “time out”
  2. A writing assignment consisting of either a letter of apology, an essay regarding the violation, standards or campus beautification
  3. A conference with the principal.
  4. “Time out” in the office.
  5. Recess, lunch recess or after school detention.
  6. Exclusion from school activities, assemblies or field trips per board policy.
  7. Parents may be asked to spend a portion of the school day in class.
  8. Possible parent contact via phone, e-mail or referral copy sent home
  1. Suspension ( In house- informal or Out of School – formal)
  2. Expulsion

*Note: These consequences are not all inclusive and are not to be considered a comprehensive list.





Sutherland School will not tolerate bullying.  We have defined bullying as repeated behaviors that may be physical, verbal, psychological, or any combination of the three as stated below:

Name-calling, obscene gesturing, malicious teasing, rumors, slander, social exclusion, damaging a person’s belongings, threats or violence.

Acts of bullying are intended to harass, intimidate or cause harm to another student.   

All students at Sutherland School are expected to report bullying.  They are not to be a bystander and/or participate in bullying.  We encourage students to be confronters who speak out against bullies and become allies for one another.


Sexual harassment at school or at school activities is prohibited.  Sexual harassment includes verbal, visual or physical conduct on the basis of sex that has the effect of creating an intimidating or hostile environment.  California Education Code recognizes this in its 48900 suspension codes starting at 4th grade. 


At Sutherland we believe that all students should feel safe and secure while at school.  We would ask that parents that have a concern about a child’s behavior not directly confront or discuss another student’s behavior with the child themselves.  Please direct your concerns to the child’s teacher, playground supervisor or the front office.  Parents who are not part of Sutherland staff who confront students about their behavior may be subject to school disciplinary action including but not limited to a campus  stay away order.  Please allow school staff to handle discipline. 


Students in third through fifth grades may ride bicycles/scooters to school.  Bike riders must obey all safety rules and the California Vehicle Code.  For the safety of all bicycle riders, state law requires the use of safety helmets.  When a student arrives on the school grounds, the bike and/or scooter should be walked to the bike rack, parked and locked.  Remember, bikes/scooters must not be in the hallways.  The school is not responsible for theft or damage.  The privilege of riding a bike/scooter may be withdrawn if the rules are not observed. 


School district personnel are required, by law, to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect to the appropriate agencies.  This is an anonymous process. 







Parents may request to visit their child’s classroom.  Please contact the classroom teacher to schedule a visit at least one day in advance. All visitors must check in at the office when they arrive.  Likewise, visitors must also sign out in the school office prior to leaving the campus.


Report cards are issued at the end of each trimester.  Parent conferences are scheduled after the end of the first trimester.  If your child is not meeting grade level standards, a second conference will be held at the end of the second trimester. Parents or teachers may request other conferences as necessary.  These conferences provide an opportunity to discuss student progress, present test scores and to discuss assistive strategies.  Report cards are given to parents during conferences and sent home on the last day of school.  In the event a student is at risk of falling below grade level standards, the parent will receive a progress report from the teacher approximately halfway through the trimester.



Teachers and/or principal or principal designee may keep students up to one hour after class dismissal.  Parents will be notified in advance via letter, e-mail, phone or in person conference when a student will be detained after school for longer than a few minutes. The reason for the disciplinary action will be communicated to the parent.


Sutherland School has an emergency preparedness plan that will be implemented in the event of any disaster.  The school will work with the Glendora Unified School District and the City of Glendora to ensure your child’s safety.  Drills are conducted on a regular basis in compliance with state laws and school district policies.  Although we hope the plan will never be needed, it is designed to ensure the welfare and safety of students during school hours.  The plan is reviewed annually and updated as needed.

Your child may be required to remain in the care of the school in the event of a major disaster until it is considered safe for the child to be released to an adult.  Children will be released only to those adults designated on the school emergency card. The names are populated on the emergency card from the online registration and re-registration processes. Please make a conscious effort to keep this list updated as much as possible.

With the assistance of parents, the PTA and the school district, classrooms are equipped with emergency supplies and equipment. 

In the event of a disaster, all students will be evacuated to the south baseball field. 


Through the Glendora Unified School District, Sutherland School operates an extended day care center for students from kindergarten through the fifth grade.  The daycare is provided on-site at Sutherland. Hours are from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  Fees, which are payable monthly are subject to change.  Applications to enroll are available at the school office, however enrollment and payment is done directly through the day care office.  Additional information may be obtained by calling 626/963-1611, extension 319 or 330.


Each spring, students in the second grade through fifth grade may be referred by teachers or parents for testing for the Gifted and Talented Education Program.  To qualify for the GATE Program, a student must demonstrate achievement superior to that of his/her chronological peers.  The GATE program is for students in grades 3, 4 and 5.  GATE students are clustered in grade level classrooms and receive enriched instruction.  This instruction takes place within the regular classroom.



Students in grades 4 and 5 who are graded proficient or higher in each academic category and maintain satisfactory citizenship may qualify for the Sutherland School Academic Achievement Award.  This award is based on a minimum point requirement that is based on marks on the report card each trimester.  Certificates are awarded each trimester of the school year. 


If your child will be out of school for five consecutive school days or more, please notify the school office at least five school days in advance so arrangements can be made for independent study.  This program credits the district with funding and helps the student maintain a consistent course of study.


Up-to-date emergency information is required for each student.  This is IMPERATIVE because in an emergency the parent or a designee must be contacted.  Any changes in telephone numbers, emergency contact, and/or addresses need to be updated in the online portal as soon as possible. 

In the event of illness or injury, these procedures will be followed:

  1. Basic first aid is given for minor injuries.  The child is allowed to rest in the office if complaining of a minor illness.
  2. If there is any question as to the seriousness of an injury or illness, the parent is asked to come for the child.
  3. If the parent is unavailable, the persons designated on the emergency card are contacted. 
  4. In the event of a serious accident, the paramedics may be called and the parent will be contacted immediately.


No student is to leave the school grounds at any time during the school day without permission from the school office.  Students shall be released to parents only through the office.  Parents are not to go directly to the classroom.  When picking up your child during the school day, please report to the office.  Parents must sign the student release sheet and be prepared to present proper identification.





Students visit the Sutherland Library on a regular basis to check out books for pleasure and for use with classroom assignments.  The school library is also used as a reference center under teacher direction during class time.  When checking materials out of the library, the student assumes all responsibility for them.  Please help your child take proper care of the books as we will require reimbursement for lost or severely damaged books and materials.  Report cards and/or yearbooks will be held until outstanding balances are taken care of.  In addition, class placement for the following year may be withheld until fines are paid or lost book(s) are returned.

Textbooks are barcoded and checked out to each child.  Parents are responsible for the payment of lost, stolen or damaged textbooks. 



Children who misplace an article of clothing, lunch box, etc., may check at the Lost and Found.  Students and parents are urged to check this area frequently for missing items.  The school does not assume responsibility for any personal property.  Jackets, sweaters, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc., should be marked with the student’s first and last name.  If an item is marked, it will be returned to the owner.  Periodically, all items not claimed are donated to charity.


Nutritious lunches are served daily.  Sutherland is on a computerized meal system.  Each student is assigned a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).  This ID # will stay with the student until he/she graduates.  Parents can deposit money into their student’s account in any increments they choose.  The student simply keys in their ID # for breakfast or lunch and the money is subtracted from their account.  Students may also pay with cash; however, it is strongly recommended that parents or guardians deposit money into the student’s account. 

Money may be deposited into your child(ren)’s account in several ways:

  1. An adult or student may bring cash/check to the Sutherland office Monday through Friday during business hours (7:45-4:00).  Money or checks that need to be added to the account same day will need to be in by 9:00 a.m.  Money may be placed in the black box located in the school office.  The envelope (provided by the office) must have student’s first and last name and teacher or room number. 
  2. At the Food Service Office located at 500 N. Loraine, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  3. Checks may be mailed to the Food Service Office, 500 N. Loraine Ave., Glendora, CA  91741.  Please indicate child’s name and school on check.
  4. Money may be deposited online at

If the student account gets low, the food services staff will remind them and you will get a note sent home.  Money in the student’s account at the end of the school year will be carried over to the next school year.


The school may not administer any type of medication, prescription or over-the-counter, without a form completed and signed by both the parent and the prescribing physician.  These forms are available at the school office.  Medication must be kept in the original containers and must be checked in at the office.  It will only be dispensed by office staff.








Kindergarten:    8:15 – 11:35

Grades 1-5:       8:15 – 12:31

Students may stay to eat lunch; however, they must go home directly after eating as there is no supervision provided; or they may go directly home after dismissal.

Generally, the first Tuesday of each month will be an early release day to be utilized for staff development. In addition, other days will be designated minimum days throughout the year as needed.  Please look for updated announcements coming home.



The membership of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of Sutherland School consists of parents, teachers, staff, students and interested adults of this community.  The requirements are simply a willingness to help the school and to pay annual dues. 

The overall objectives of the PTA are:

  1. To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, places of worship and community.
  2. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of the students.
  3. To bring the home and school into a closer relationship; that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the training of the child.
  4. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education.

PTA board meetings are usually held the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in the school cafeteria.  PTA meeting dates and times are announced via regular PTA newsletters.  Parents who wish to communicate with the PTA board may request contact information from the school office.


Physical Education is required by state law.  If a student is unable to participate in the program for one day, a written excuse must be sent by the parent or guardian.  If a student is unable to participate for two days or more, a written statement from a physician is required.  The school office cannot excuse students from Physical Education classes.


Parents may be notified of student progress in different ways by various teachers.  Some teachers send weekly reports, others may telephone, and some arrange special communications for students having difficulties.  However, all parents whose children are in danger of receiving a mark below proficient or unsatisfactory citizenship will receive an official progress report at mid-point of each grading period.


The school should be a place where study and learning can occur in a safe and secure environment.  In order to ensure the safety of all personnel, the following items are prohibited at school:

  1. Knives and other sharp objects
  2. Explosives (gunpowder, caps, firecrackers, etc.)
  3. Guns of any type, including toys that look like guns
  4. Glass bottles or other glass containers
  5. Handcuffs
  6. Tobacco in any form, matches, lighters, drugs and alcohol



  1. Any personal P.E. equipment, including baseballs, tennis balls, and bats
  2. Chewing gum and candy brought from home
  3. Cosmetics (make-up, lipstick, eye shadow, mascara and hairspray)
  4. Skateboards, skates, or in-line skates (any shoe with wheels)
  5. Large amounts of money
  6. Card collections
  7. Any electronic device, including Nooks, Kindles, iPods, electronic games, etc.  Consult with classroom teacher with regards to whether or not they are allowed in the classroom for the purposes of research
  8. Toys, cameras, etc.



At the beginning of each school year and at periodic intervals throughout the year, safety instruction is given to all Sutherland School students.  Parents should also help their children learn the proper and safe way to travel to and from school.  Sutherland students may be dropped off and picked up in the yellow zone in front of the school with all regard to safety first.  Crosswalks should be used when crossing the street. 


The annual School Accountability Report Card was established by Proposition 98, an initiative passed by California voters in November, 1988.  This report, to be issued by local school boards for each elementary and secondary school, provides parents and other interested citizens with information about each school’s resources, successes and areas to be improved.  Copies are available in the school office.


Please do not visit your child’s classroom during school hours, unless you have made prior arrangements.  If it is necessary to speak with your child or the teacher during school hours, you must check in at the office first.

After school, please wait for your child in front of school, rather than in hallways and outside of the classrooms. 



The School Site Council is a parent/staff advisory committee.  The purpose of this committee is to assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the current programs and budget at Sutherland School.  The council meets periodically throughout the year. Site Council members are elected into office for a term of two years.  Nomination forms are available on campus and voting ballots are available at school or will be sent home during election years.  Meeting notes and agendas are available in the school office for parent review.  Copies of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) are also available in the school office.  Notices of meeting dates/times are posted in the school office 72 hours prior to a meeting. 




In the event of a Health Advisory Episode or Smog Alert, everyone, including healthy adults and children, should avoid prolonged, vigorous outdoor exercise.  Susceptible individuals, especially those with heart or lung disease, should avoid all outdoor activity.  If this event should occur during the school day, all students, staff and other adults on campus will be alerted and warned of the condition.  We are informed of smog alerts by district staff.


Sutherland has the services of a district psychologist for testing, case studies and intervention.  A district nurse is also available for student health needs.  A speech/language pathologist is available to students who qualify for the program.  Identified third, fourth and fifth graders may participate in the district’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program.  A school counselor is also on site once a week for students who qualify for those services through the Intervention Study Team (IST) process. 


Our school mascot is “Cody the Cougar”.  The school colors are royal blue and yellow.  Generally, the last Friday of each month is Spirit Day and students are encouraged to wear school colors, or their Sutherland T-shirts or sweatshirts.    




The Glendora Unified School District does not provide student accident or medical insurance coverage.  Student accident insurance is available through a private carrier.  The forms are available in the school office.


Please be reminded the school district does not provide supervision before 8:00 a.m. or after school.  Students must wait for the 8:00 bell before entering campus. Students who need to wait at school until older siblings are dismissed, are to go directly to the flag pole and wait quietly to be picked up.   Parents are asked to pick up their children in a timely manner.

Students who are not picked up in a timely manner will be walked to the school office by a Yard Duty Supervisor where they will call home.  Upon arrival, parents are required to come into the office and sign out their child from school.  Parents who come consistently late may be encouraged to sign up for extended day care.  Applications may be obtained in the school office. 

We have two parking lot supervisors in front of the school at dismissal times when traffic is heaviest.  This is a courtesy service for the safety of the children and not considered as supervision for an extended period.


In accordance with the California Administrative Code, Title 5, Section 302, students shall be neat, clean and be properly attired for school.

It is the parents’ responsibility to see that their children are dressed for school in a safe, appropriate manner for learning.  Please use this information as you plan your children’s school wardrobe.

The following are the standards of dress for students:

  1. Students need to wear shoes that fit securely with non-skid soles.  Tennis shoes are ideal.  Shoes with any type of wheels are not acceptable.  Ballet shoes, open toe shoes and heels are unacceptable.  This includes boots with heels.  All shoes must have a strap.  Students who wear inappropriate shoes may be asked to sit in the office for recesses to ensure safety and will be encouraged to call home to receive a pair of appropriate shoes. 
  2. Hats may be worn on campus for sun protection only.  If a logo or wording is present, it must be appropriate for school
  3. No half shirts, crop tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, see-through shirts, or short-shorts are allowed.
  4. No shirts or blouses, head gear that advertise items illegal for minors (such as alcohol or tobacco), contain profanity, or contain suggestive double meanings are allowed.
  5. Attire or grooming worn or displayed in such a way as to identify students with gangs/hate groups is not allowed.
  6. Hair color must be natural, dyed hair must not be considered as disruptive to the learning process
  7. No makeup is to be worn
  8. No dangling earrings or extra-large earrings
  9. No tongue or lip piercings

Concern for student safety while at school, or in transit, has caused the district to take a strong stance against gang-affiliated clothing and/or other styles of dress or grooming affiliated with gangs/hate groups.  Because of changing trends in such attire, specific clothing, jewelry, accessories and/or grooming style restrictions may change during the school year.  Notice will be given to students and parents or guardians as soon as it is reasonably possible.

We hope this list will help you determine those clothes that will positively influence your child’s school experience. 

Teachers/ administration may use their discretion in deciding if a student’s dress is appropriate in accordance with school and district dress code.  Any time a member of the staff believes that a student is disrupting the education process by his/her appearance, or when the student’s safety is concerned, the teacher may send the student to the office.  Students whose dress is inappropriate may be removed from the class or prohibited from participating in recess until the dress is corrected.

*This is not a comprehensive list. Consult the district handbook for a more extensive list regarding dress code. 


The school provides paper, pencils, crayons, rulers, glue and construction paper for in-class work.  We appreciate it when parents can supply as many of these materials as possible and we encourage participation in the many fundraising efforts offered at school to help support a variety of supply needs for our students. 


Children may use the office phone only in an emergency or with permission from their teacher/office staff.  Please make after-school plans before school.  Classrooms will not be interrupted for afterschool arrangements unless it is an emergency. 

Students may possess cell phones, but are restricted to using them only after school or in an emergency.  Inappropriate use of cell phones will result in their confiscation.  Confiscated cell phones must be picked up by parents.  It is never allowed for students to take pictures or video using their cell phones on school grounds


Teachers evaluate the progress of their students in a variety of ways.  Included may be diagnostic procedures, observation, trimester benchmarks, teacher-made tests and standardized tests. 

The Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBAC) Testing Program, sponsored by the State of California, will be administered to third through fifth graders in the spring.  You will be informed when SBAC tests are scheduled and administered. 


Sutherland School welcomes volunteers for the school, classrooms and chaperones on field trips.  Please contact the school office for more information.  All volunteers are required to check in at the school office upon arrival.  Volunteers must wear a volunteer sticker to indicate that they have signed in.  Likewise, volunteers need to have an approved volunteer application on file in the front office. 



Each year various grade levels may plan field trips.  These are considered extracurricular activities.  It is our intent to include all students by allowing them to attend field trips.  However, there are some students that may need to be excluded due to behavior.  Board Policy 5131 (c) states that “students that violate district or school rules and regulations may be subject to discipline including but not limited to suspension…or denial of participation in extracurricular or co-curricular activities or other privileges in accordance with board policy and administrative regulation.” 


Any child who receives a suspension or office referrals for major or minor offenses will not be allowed to attend the scheduled school field trip.  Field trip attendance is at the discretion of the classroom teacher or school site administrator. 



Parents or guardians that wish to chaperone a field trip must first inquire with the classroom teacher.  All volunteer paperwork with the office should be up-to-date before chaperoning a field trip.  In addition, a GUSD field trip chaperone agreement must be signed as well.  Check with your child’s teacher about expectations on a field trip.